Poorly Fitted Hearing Aids Can Suffer From Damage That Requires Specialized Care

When you are fit for a hearing aid, the specialists find a model that will fit in your ear canal and provide you with clear audio. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your model could fit poorly and cause severe whistling and other damage that could require a specific kind of care. Poorly Fitting Hearing Aids Result In Whistling When specialists place a hearing aid in your ear, they create a mould that allows it to sit comfortably. [Read More]

Tips To Keep Your Family Healthy This Year

Germs are everywhere and unless you keep you and your family inside of a plastic bubble, it can be difficult to avoid these germs. Keeping your family healthy and building immunity is the way to combat these germs. Read on for tips on how to keep your family healthy this year. Eat A Healthy Diet The food you eat can be beneficial in keeping your family healthy and to help boost the immune system in order to fight off germs. [Read More]

Common Symptoms Of Strep Throat In Children

Strep throat, which is caused by the group A streptococus bacteria, is highly contagious and needs to be treated with antibiotics to prevent complications. Since toddlers and kids are often in close contact with each other and often learning proper hand washing techniques, it is not surprising that strep throat is common in children. As a parent, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of strep throat so you can take your child to your family doctor for diagnosis and treatment. [Read More]

Stem Cell Research May Help Manage Third-Degree Burn Damage For Good

Suffering from serious third-degree burns is always a traumatic situation. It can leave a person scared for life and make it difficult for them to live their lives. However, stem cell research and various practical new treatment methods may make it possible to manage these burns safely and effectively. Burns May Permanently Damage Skin Cells Serious third-degree burns go through the skin and potentially damage nerve endings in your body. [Read More]